GPS Mapping and Logging
Because everyone has places to go.
Welcome to the GPS-GPX Logger

A great mapping and trip logging app. Use the built-in GPS device in your Windows tablet or phone to map and log your driving/biking/walking trips in real time. View the path on the installed Microsoft Here map, log your trip and save it to a GPX file. Saved files can be redrawn or played at recorded speed or accelerated. The files can also be imported into Google Earth, Microsoft MapPoint or Streets and Trips and possibly any other app that reads GPX files.

The program works best with the GPS/GNSS Geolocation device built into most newer tablets and Windows phones.

There are different versions available depending on your platform and operating system. Windows 10 desktop and mobile and also Windows 8.1 desktop.

Main features.
- Live mapping of current GPS coordinates.
- Load previous GPX files and replay them on the map in real time or accelerated speed.
- Add custom placemarks.

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There are two different versions available from the Windows App Store.

GPS-GPX Logger Pro app is the paid app, it has some added features.
- No advertising.
- Terrain and aerial views for the maps.
- Live traffic updates.
- Unlimited placemarks.

GPS-GPX Logger is a free to download app.
- Small ads on the page.
- Limited to 3 custom placemarks.

Works with:


Garmin BaseCamp.

The app should also be able to load and display GPX files from other GPS devices, such as Garmin Nuvi etc. If it does not please send me the file that doesn't work and I may be able to update the app so it does. Send it to, thanks.