Ben Byer's Software Products:

This is a list of my software projects, currently released and under development. The apps that have a hyperlink to the Windows App Store are released and available for download.

The GPS logging apps are available in Windows 10 desktop, Windows 10 Mobile and Windows 8.1 desktop. The Windows 10 version uses Microsoft Here maps that are downloaded and stored on your device for offline use, for when there is no cellular or WiFi service. The Windows 8.1 app uses Microsoft Bing maps and therefore requires an internet connection to download the Bing map tiles, there is no offline use for Windows 8.1. The app still works of course but the map tiles do not update.

Released Apps

GPS-GPX Logger Pro is a paid app, it has some added features not found in the free app.
- No advertising.
- Terrain and aerial views for the maps.
- Live traffic updates.
- Unlimited placemarks.

GPS-GPX Logger is a free to download app.
- Small ads on the page.
- Limited to 3 custom placemarks.

Apps under development

An app to play your MP3 files as a DJ might, with computer generated song introductions, funny sound clips from movies and tv, time, date and live weather updates between songs.

Here I Grow
Is your child big or small for her age? This app can be used to monitor your child's growth during childhood and compare it to the current standard growth charts.

Change Tracker
Does it seem like that light in the hallway keeps burning out way too fast? Have you ever wondered how long the batteries in your TV remote control lasted? This app will store that data, so that next time you replace it you will know if the lights are burning out faster than the manufacturer guaranteed or if it just seemed that way.